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Feed-U-Cate 38
Screenshot_2_21_14,_4_29_PM.pngFeed-U-Cate 38 is a Richmond School District No. 38 program that helps provide funding to schools that run breakfast/lunch programs for students. On average, participating schools spend over $15,000 a year to support these programs. Traditionally all of these funds are donated or raised by school groups, individual donations or Parent Advisory Council’s.  

Feed-U-Cate 38 looks to lessen the dependence on these groups by sourcing additional funding from the Richmond community. Collectively, the Richmond School District will have increased success in finding solutions that mitigate the effects of child poverty by working together and combining efforts.

The Richmond School District acknowledges that “it takes a village to raise all our children,” and as such continues to seek ways to collaborate with community partners to help lessen the negative impact of child poverty in schools and the community.

If you would like to donate to Feed-U-Cate 38 or would like more information please contact Wendy Lim or Jane MacMillan at the School Board Office.

Update: Board Report for November 2016 Feed-U-Cate and District Poverty Initiative

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