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About The School District
The Richmond School District is dedicated to providing opportunities for all students to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge which will enable them to enjoy a productive and satisfying life and to be positive, responsible participants in our democratic society and the global community.

As trustees, administrators, teachers and support personnel within the school system we share this mission with the students, parents and community whom we serve. It is teachers and administrators who create opportunities for and provide assistance to students, and it is their knowledge, skill, energy, creativity and compassion which support and nurture our young people in the process of education. Their success, however, is dependent upon the existence of a common vision which results in collaborative action on the part of all concerned. The following beliefs are central to that vision.

We believe  that since schooling is but one aspect of a child's education it is essential for schools to work in close cooperation with the home and the community. While the school is concerned with the development of the whole person, its prime responsibility is to provide a wide variety of learning opportunities which will lay the foundation for life-long learning and prepare students to assume the responsibilities of adulthood. The home has prime responsibility for establishing a sound foundation of beliefs and behaviors for the student and for providing a healthy, stable and supportive environment which will enhance the student's continuing growth and development.

We believe  that students, parents and the community should share with trustees, teachers and administrators in the selection and the shaping of our educational programs. As partners in the enterprise of education we share responsibility for its success: trustees are responsible for the development of policy directions and the stewardship of district resources; administrators are responsible for providing instructional leadership, supporting the work of teachers, guiding policy implementation and supervising district operations; teachers are responsible for facilitating student learning, designing effective learning environments and participating in program development; students are responsible for making the most of the opportunities provided; parents are responsible for sharing in and reinforcing the educational endeavours of the school; and the community is responsible for supporting both families and schools.

We believe  that an effective learning environment should engage the learner in an active, purposeful process of building positive, realistic attitudes towards both self and society; forming personal understandings; developing life-long skills; and acquiring a strong knowledge base. Schools should provide a social context which will reflect and assist the transition from childhood to adulthood, promote self-esteem and enhance learning. As communities of learners, they should be characterized by tolerance, respect, an enthusiastic climate of cooperative enterprise and a zest for learning on the part of students, teachers and administrators alike. Since students vary widely in their backgrounds, needs and abilities, and since there is no single approach to learning, schools should adapt, their educational programs and services to the needs of each student insofar as an equitable application of resources will allow.

We believe  that we will carry out our responsibilities for stewardship of the public school system and fulfill our educational function most effectively if at all times our focus is on the learner.

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