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Montessori Program

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About The Montessori Program

In 1907, Dr. Maria Montessori formulated the Montessori approach to education in Europe. This approach has spread to North America. Montessori education parallels good teaching practice also found in the regular Kindergarten Programs: children are treated with respect and given freedom within the limits of a carefully structured environment. The classroom is child-centered with a focus on cognitive development at an early age.

Instruction in the Montessori classroom is characterized by meeting the learning needs of each student. Students often work with attractive self correcting materials. This approach is used to develop concentration, self-motivation and organizational skills. It is expected that students will become more self-directed and receive less teacher direction as they get older.

Students are taught the general “big idea” first and then over time the specific details. The single concepts or “details” are taught in a sequential manner for the whole range of academic subjects eg. mathematics, grammar, spelling, phonics, geography.

Most often, Montessori primary classes are organized in family groups: that is, two or three grades in one classroom. In an ideal setting, the children will work with a teacher for three years in order to experience being the youngest through to the oldest in the learning situation. The three years allows the teacher to know each child very well. The oldest children in the classroom provide leadership, reliable friendships, and academic learning for those younger.

Our Montessori Schools

• Garden City Elementary
* McKinney Elementary
* Steves Elementary

The Montessori Program is not available in the Richmond School District at the secondary level.

How Students Are Selected

The Montessori application process will be done using the following registration priorities:

  • Priority 1: Students with an older sibling who will be attending Montessori within the same school in the same year. Siblings must register following the usual procedures by the stated deadline to be eligible for Priority 1 status. Students enrolled after the deadline will go on a wait list.

  • Priority 2: Students who reside who live within the Richmond School District.

  • Priority 3: Students who reside outside the Richmond School District.


  • Montessori program applicants will be placed at their first choice school if space is available. However, if there are more applicants than spaces available at a school, a random draw will take place to determine which applicants will have a reserved space.

  • Applicants will be required to provide a second and third choice school if their first choice is not available.

  • Late applications, including siblings, received after the deadline will be added to the end of the wait list that will be created from the draw. Late applications must be verified at Central Registration.

The Application Process

OVERVIEW OF THE REQUIRED STEPS Step One – Register Your Child For School
Your child must first be registered for school with the Richmond School Districtbeforeyou can submit an application form for the Montessori Program. If you need to register your child, please visit the Registration Information page on this website before proceeding with the application process below.

Step Two – Complete A District Program Options Application Form

Applications Between November 1st and November 30th
  • The parent/legal guardian will go to the school where their child is currently registered/attending to request and complete a District Program Options Application Form for their child for the neighbourhood Kindergarten program (even if they are a sibling of a child already in the Montessori Program).

  • The District Program Options application will be verified by your neighbourhood school. Once verified, the application form will be given a school stamp, and initialed and dated by the school.

  • The legal guardian must then hand-deliver the verified form to the Central Registration Desk, located at the Board Office at 7811 Granville Avenue, Richmond, BC no later than January 11, 4:00 P.M

Applications Between December 1st and January 11th
The parent/legal guardian must download and complete the District Program Options Application Form to the Central Registration Office. This office is located at the Richmond School District Administration Building, 7811 Granville Avenue @ Minoru Blvd.


Late Applications
Late applications, including siblings, received after the deadline will be added to the end of the wait list that will be created from the placement process. Late applications must be verified at the Central Registration Office.

Notification of Placement
  • Parents should email if they have not received notification by February 9, 2017. Please do not call as results will not be given over the phone.
Confirmation of Acceptance
  • Parents are required to respond by email with their acceptance or refusal of placement or waitlist by February 9, 2017.
  • After this date unclaimed spaces will be offered to those on the waitlist.
Please also read the "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" section below for additional helpful information.

Important Dates To Note

November 1st to November 30th District Program Options applications during this period must be completed and verified at your child's currently registered school.
December 1st - January 11th District Program Options applications during this period must be completed by the parent or legal guardian at the Central Registration Desk, which is located at the School Board Office (7811 Granville Avenue @ Minoru Blvd.)
January 11, 4:00 P.M. Deadline for submitting the District Program Options Application Form to the Central Registration Desk at the School Board Office.
February 9, 2017 Parents should e-mail if they have not received notification of placement. Deadline for legal guardians to confirm by e-mail acceptance or refusal for Montessori placement.
September 22, 4:00 P.M. Wait lists for Montessori will be dissolved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I want to ensure I receive e-mails from the Program Options Office. What do I need to do?
All coorespondences such as information concerning your child's placement are done via e-mail. You should set your computer's anti-spam filter (if applicable) to accept emails from You should also add this e-mail address to your email contact list or address book. This will ensure that your email provider and computer does not reject emails coming from this e-mail address.

I wish to send in an application form but I'm not sure how exactly because of the special situation. What should I do?
  • Siblings
    Priority is given to placing students whose older sibling is already in the same program at the same school in the same school year.

  • Children Currently Attending a Richmond School District School
    For children already registered and attending a Richmond School District school and wishing to enter for the first time into Montessori, please follow the instructions shown in the section, “The Application Process”.

  • Applying For Children Currently Attending a Private/Independent School In Richmond
    Students currently attending a private school but wish to District Program Options must first register at the appropriate catchment school with the required documents as outlined on the Registration Information page.

  • Applying For Twins
    One ballot will be entered into a draw for family with twins. If drawn, both children will be offered places in the program at the same school. Parents/legal guardians will be contacted in the event there is insufficient space for both children.

  • Applying For Non-Richmond Resident Students
    Non-Richmond resident students register at the Central Registration office with documents stated in the section, "How to Enroll". Applications will be added to the end of the waitlist that will be created from the draw.
Transportation will not be provided for students enrolled in District Program Options, which includes Early French Immersion, Late French Immersion and Montessori programs.

How long do you keep your wait lists?
Wait lists for Montessori will be dissolved on September 16, 4:00pm.

Can I transfer my child who is currently enrolled in a Richmond School District Montessori school to another Montessori school in the district?
Transfer applications to another District Program Options (Montessori) school are
NOT accepted for Montessori Kindergarten and Grade 1.

How do I withdraw my child from a District Program Options (Montessori) placement?
Once a parent/legal guardian has accepted a placement, it is their responsibility to contact the District Programs Options office if they wish to withdraw their child from the program
before the new school year starts in September. The District Programs Options office can be contacted by email at

Provided there is space, the deadline to be guaranteed your catchment school is the last Friday of May. If you withdraw from the District Program Options after this date, you are not guaranteed placement back at your catchment school. You must re-register your child for school requesting your catchment school. If there is no space, your child will be placed at the next closest school and put on a waitlist at your catchment school.

Can I re-apply for District Program Options?
If you do not receive placement in Kindergarten at your Montessori school, you can re-apply for the draw the following school year for Grade 2, 3, and 4.

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