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Secondary School Programs
When students enter grade 8, most choose to move to their neighbourhood secondary school along with their classmates from grade 7. Unless there is a very specific and significant educational reason to attend a different secondary school, the District recommends that students in grades 8 and 9 attend their neighbourhood schools as the transition is usually much easier when students stay with their friendship group. It is also both healthier and more environmentally responsible if students are able to walk to school. 

Since all secondary schools offer essentially the same programs at the grade 8 level there is seldom any educational reason to move outside of the neighbourhood. Students choose only a few elective courses in grades 8-9, and all schools offer an equivalent range of options. All schools also offer enrichment opportunities for students; however, the nature of some of these enrichment opportunities can vary somewhat from school to school. Students wishing to explore the opportunity to transfer to another secondary school because of a particular program should contact the host school of such a program for further information. Information regarding such programs can be found both on school specific websites. 

Since program and course options tend to be more varied in the Graduation Program (grades 10-12) years, students may choose to change schools at that time if there is space in the school they wish to attend. 

Students who choose to not attend their neighbourhood school are responsible for their own transportation. 

Program Options Based on Needs
Support services are provided in all schools for students with special educational needs and for aboriginal students. Additionally, there are district programs designed to meet the needs of~secondary students who are unable to attend school due to severe health problems, who are pregnant, who are close to graduation age but unable to speak sufficient English to graduate or who have been out of school for one or more years. ~Additional information about District Alternate Programs can be found below:

Program Options Based on Preferences
All of our secondary schools offer enrichment programs that are mainly accessible to students that live in that school's catchment area.  Information on these programs are posted on individual schools' websites.  The district programs listed below accept students from across the district.  The following table lists and provides links to the Secondary District Programs for students.  Further details on each program may be obtained by clicking the link to the school website in the location box of each program.

Table 1:  District Programs, Secondary Schools

Graduation Requirements
All students must fulfill provincial graduation requirements. However, the Ministry recognizes there are circumstances in which a student may be unable to demonstrate his or her knowledge on provincial exams using standard procedures and formats. More information...

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