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T.A.B.L.E. 38 next meeting on Nov. 8 at McNair - 3:40PM
The Association for Building Leadership Excellence in School District #38
Scheduled Meetings for 2016-17  3:40 pm

September 20 - MacNeill
October 11 - Richmond
November 8 - McNair
December 13- Steveston-London
January 17 - McRoberts
February 14 - Burnett
March 7 - Cambie
April 11 - McMath
May 9 - Palmer
June 13 - Boyd

T.A.B.L.E. 38 is a district sponsored, secondary student organization that meets monthly to foster, enhance, and support student leadership development.  It enables secondary student leaders across the district to connect with each other.  Each school takes a turn at hosting the meeting at their school each month, with the Student Council Executives chairing the meeting.
The seven components of each T.A.B.L.E. 38 meeting agenda address buillding community, learning together, sharing ideas, and providing student voice in school district and community initiatives.  

The specific components are:

Ice Breaker - Organized by the host students, this activitiy allows students to build school communities of leaders and enables students from around the district to connect with one another to build a district-wide support network.

Schools Share- Students describe events, ideas, activities and strategies that work to build school spirit and leadership. This time provides students with a collective opportunity to identify common issues such as effective PR tools/strategies, student projects and initiatives, mentoring the next generation of student leaders; planning effective events; creating positive school communities; and social responsibility.

Let's Learn Together - In this section, students learn concepts and skills to become more effective leaders.

RSLC - Richmond Student Leadership Conference - The Conference Committee provides an update on the annual conference for grade 6-12 students.  

Student Input and Feedback - When there are any requests for student voice surrounding issues in our schools and community, students at T.A.B.L.E. 38 have an opportunity for their voices to be heard.  Members of the Board of Education, District Executive Team, and community organizations invite students to provide feedback on issues.  In addition, district and community committees who are seeking student representatives on their committees will get students from T.A.B.L.E. 38.

Invitations and Updates - Here, members of our community have an opportunity to report on their initiatives and also have an opportunity to ask for student help.  It is the one place where these community groups can speak to all 10 secondary schools at once.  Students will take these opportunities back to their schools and share it with other students.  

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