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Policy 100: Your Feedback is Needed

You are invited to provide written feedback and comments on the revisions that were made to the Richmond School District's Policy 100. This policy is important to everyone in the District because of the impact it will have in our classrooms, schools, and worksites.

The process for re-visioning our policy dates back to March 2, 2015, when the Board passed a resolution to establish the Policy 100 Re-Visioning Task Force Committee. This committee included representatives from the Board of Education, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Richmond Association of School Administrators (RASA), Richmond District Parents Association (RDPA) , Richmond Teachers Association (RTA) , Richmond Management And Professional Staff (RMAPS) and students, and allowed them to participate in the re-visioning of Policy Section 100: District Philosophy.  Activating student voices in this re-visioning process was a priority for the Task Force as was keeping the statements simple, succinct, clear and memorable for all members of our school community.

The policy revisions that have been suggested are included in the Policy 100 memo and we encourage you to read this document.

We invite you to share your feedback about these changes in English or Chinese by Tuesday, January 30, 2018.

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