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Feed-U-Cate 38 – Nutrition for Learning

March 12, 2019

Feed-U-Cate 38 – Nutrition for Learning is a Richmond School District #38 program that was established in Fall 2012 by a committee of students and staff and its goal is to educate the community about schools' food programs as well as to invite community donations to support these breakfast, lunch and snack programs for elementary and secondary students in need.

We are grateful to individuals, school groups, school PACs, and community organizations for their generous donations to Feed-U-Cate 38 over the past years. All donated funds are allocated towards food purchases. All schools have expressed their appreciation for the financial support they have received from Feed-U-Cate 38. The annual report to the Board about Feed-U-Cate 38 is found on the School District website.

The Richmond School District acknowledges that "it takes a village to raise all our children," and as such continues to seek ways to collaborate with community partners to help lessen the negative impact of child poverty in schools and the community.

If you would like to discuss Feed-U-Cate 38 or would like to make a donation, please contact Wendy Lim, Assistant Superintendent or Larry Antrim, District Administrator or Colleen Litz, Administrative Assistant

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