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Proposed School Boundary Revisions Public Consultation

October 21, 2019

The Richmond School District's Board of Education gathered valuable information from the public during its consultation on the Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP) from February – June 2019. Subsequent to the approval of the LRFP, district staff reviewed all school catchments and identified opportunities to align boundaries, reduce the number of major road crossings, and develop options to reduce the number of split-feeder elementary schools.

The District is now beginning the next phase of facilities planning. It is important to note that families that have a child currently attending a school with a proposed school boundary revision will:

  • not be affected by the boundary revision,
  • have the choice to remain at the school in their current catchment or transfer to a school in their newly proposed catchment,
  • have the choice to enrol any siblings in their current catchment or their newly proposed catchment.

Who is affected?

As of September 2020, all new students living in an adjusted catchment area will be part of the newly formed catchment.

If you have any feedback, please respond by November 15, 2019 by providing your comments on the Let's Talk website ( or by submitting written feedback to your school. The Board of Education is committed to a robust consultation process and will:

  • Authentically engage in an inclusive and meaningful way;
  • be accountable to maintain and grow our relationships in an honest, transparent, and responsible way;
  • and listen in order to make decisions that are best for our students.

All comments will be considered prior to the Board of Education making a decision on the proposed boundary revisions on December 11, 2019.


2019年2月至6月期间关于长远设施规划(Long Range Facilities Plan, LRFP)的公众咨询为列治文学区的教育委员会提供了极为有价值的信息。在长远设施规划经批准之后,学区工作人员审阅了所有学校的校区分界,确认了有关校区边界划分、减少主要道路交通口数量,并发展方案用以减少多选生源小学的数量。

于2019年10月21日起,列治文学区将开始下一阶段的设施规划。如果您所在的校区分界将面临任何改动, 您所在的学校校长将会与您沟通。值得特别注意的是,如果您家中的孩子目前就读的学校将会面临校区分界改动,你的家庭将:

  • 不受校区边界改动的影响,
  • 可以选择按照目前的校区分界升学, 或按照新校区分界申请转学去新校区内的学校,
  • 可以选择按照目前的校区分界注册任何兄弟姐们入学,或按照新校区分界注册入学新的校区。


2020年9月起,居住在新校区分界的所有 新生 入学申请, 将按照新校区分界分配入学。

如果您有任何回馈,请于2019年11月15日之前在Let’s Talk网站上留下您的评论,或向您的学校提交书面回馈意见,学务委员会致力于创建一个健全的咨询流程,并将:

  • 真正地以开放包容,积极有意义的方式进行意见征询;
  • 全力打造诚实、透明、负责的相互关系;
  • 倾听意见,为学生做出最佳决策。

学务委员会将在2019年12月11日作出决议以前, 考虑所有收获的建议。

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