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Board of Education

The Board of Education acts through corporate authority, that is as if it were a single person. The will of the Board is defined by Resolutions adopted by vote at a Board meeting.

Individual trustees may bring any question, concern or suggestion to a Board meeting for discussion by trustees but only through Board resolution can action be taken.  Individual trustees do not exercise authority or direct staff.​

In general, the following are the most important functions of the Board.

  • Formulating and interpreting policies and by-laws.

  • Delegating administrative authority.

  • Deciding on educational and budget matters that cannot be legally delegated or that  in the Board's judgment should be decided by the Board.

  • Appraising the District's education, administrative and planning processes in light of the Board's stated goals.

  • Administering public funds.

  • Communicating with the citizens of Richmond for the benefit of the education of its children.

Responsibility for day-to-day operations are delegated to the Superintendent of Schools and through him or her to the administrative, teaching and support staff of the district.​​​​


​2014 - 2018 Board of Education​

From left to right: Mr. Jonathan Ho, Mrs. Donna Sargent, Dr. Eric Yung, Ms. Alice Wong, Mrs. Sandra Nixon,Mrs. Debbie Tablotney, Mr. Ken Hamaguchi​​​​