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Advocacy Letters

As the elected officials in Richmond, trustees represent publicly funded education and in promoting the best interests of this community.  An important part of their role as a Board is in the area of advocacy.  This page reflects advocacy correspondence from the Board of Education (Richmond).

collapse Year : 2018 ‎(6)
2018 Jan 30 SWIS Advocacy.pdf
2018 Mar 02 Minister of Education Employer Health Tax.pdf
2018 Mar 7 Min. of Justice and Attorney General of Canada re Legalization of Non-Medical Marijuana.pdf
2018 Mar 7 Min. of Public Safety re Legalization of Non-Medical Marijuana.pdf
2018 May 11 Response from on PSEC Emp. Health Tax.pdf
2018 Oct 05 SelectStandingComPresentation2019Budget Final Report.pdf
collapse Year : 2017 ‎(7)
2017Feb22 Premier Clark re Pill Pressers.pdf
2017Jun 20 to Ministers of Education and Finance re CEF.pdf
2017Aug 04 Board to MOE Seismic Repairs Funding and Meeting.pdf
2017Oct04 Select Standing Committee on Govt and Finance Services.pdf
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