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Facilities and Building Committee

The Facilities and Building Committee meets as determined. Facilities and Building Committee may consider matters pertaining to: building purchase, construction and sale, maintenance and district facilities, transportation and custodial services; develop and recommend to the Board long-term plans for accommodating the District’s needs related to sites and buildings; make recommendations to the Board regarding the annual Capital Budget submission to the Ministry of Education; community use of school facilities; naming and renaming of board properties; and other matters referred to it by the Board.

Agenda of Apr 24 2019 PUBLIC Facilities and Bldg copy.pdf
4/23/2019 11:43 AMWanda Plante
Agenda of Feb 25 2019 Public Fac and Bldg Committee.pdf
2/22/2019 4:00 PMWanda Plante
Agenda of Jan 21 2019 Public Fac and Bldg Committee.pdf
2/15/2019 1:16 PMWanda Plante
PUBLIC Minutes Fac and Bldg Jan 21 2019.pdf
3/8/2019 3:59 PMWanda Plante
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