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7811 Granville Avenue, Richmond, BC, V6Y 3E3 Parents Staff
Personnel & Finance Committee
Personnel and Finance Committee meets on the second Monday of each month, with some exceptions.  The Personnel & Finance Committee may consider matters pertaining to: personnel issues, including contracts and negotiations; Maintenance, Operations and Transportation; business and accounting services; purchase, construction and sale of facilities; community use of school facilities; Capital and Operational budgets; naming or renaming of district schools and facilities; and other matters referred to it by the Board.

expand Meeting Date : 9/19/2018 ‎(1)
expand Meeting Date : 6/20/2018 ‎(1)
expand Meeting Date : 4/18/2018 ‎(2)
expand Meeting Date : 2/14/2018 ‎(2)
expand Meeting Date : 1/17/2018 ‎(2)
expand Meeting Date : 12/20/2017 ‎(2)
expand Meeting Date : 10/18/2017 ‎(2)