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COVID-19 Updates

​On March 17, the Ministry of Education directed all schools to immediately suspend in-class instruction until further notice. In an attempt to address parent questions, the district will post updated information on our website as it becomes available.

3月17日,省教育厅长宣布所有的学校立即停学,开学日期将会另行通知。 ä¸ºäº†æ›´å¥½åœ°å›žåº”家长的问题,学区将在此网站上进行信息汇总与更新。

Messages from the Superintendent æ•™è‚²å±€é•¿è‡³å®¶é•¿ä¿¡

Messages from the Board of Education æ•™è‚²å§”员会至家长信

Statements from the Provincial Health Officer and Minister of Health çœå«ç”Ÿå®˜å’Œå«ç”ŸåŽ…长的联合声明

Up-to-date information, including joint statements from the Provincial Health Officer and Minister of Health, are posted on the Government of B.C. website at


Reducing Risk 如何降低风险

All Richmond School District playgrounds, sports courts, and playing fields are closed until further notice. This measure is necessary to respond to public health authority recommendations for practicing social distancing.

BC’s Provincial Health Officer recommends the following to reduce the risk of novel coronavirus, colds and flu:

  • Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds using soap and water.
  • If a sink is not available, alcohol-based hand rubs (ABHR) can be used to clean hands if they are not visibly soiled. If they are visibly soiled using a wipe and then ABHR is effective.
  • Do not touch your face/eyes/mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough with a disposable tissue or the crease of your elbow.



  • 勤洗手,每次洗手需使用肥皂和清水搓洗手部至少20秒
  • 当没有条件用水洗手时,如果双手不明显脏,可使用含酒精成分的免洗搓手液清洁手部;如果你的手明显很脏,先使用湿纸巾擦去脏物,然后再用含酒精成分的搓手液进行消毒杀菌。
  • 避免用未清洁过的手触摸脸、眼、鼻、口
  • 打喷嚏或咳嗽的时候,需用纸巾或弯曲的肘部遮挡口鼻。

Health Care Services 卫生保健服务

The Provincial Health Officer advises anyone who is concerned that they may have been exposed to or is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 to contact their primary care provider or call 811. Translation services for 811 are available in more than 130 languages. The Government of BC has also established a non-medical information hotline at 1-888-COVID19. Additionally, you can use the COVID-19 self-assessment tool by visiting


In an attempt to provide clarity to system-level questions that impact the whole school district, parents are welcome to submit system-level questions regarding COVID-19. School-level questions should be submitted directly to your school principal and classroom-level questions should be submitted directly to your child’s teacher. The district will collate all system-level questions and provide responses as soon as possible.


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