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Path to Graduation

November 23, 2017
​Graduation is a major step from childhood to adulthood. Our children need to be prepared to succeed as adults when they walk across the stage and get their graduation certificate. The new curriculum maps out a clear path to graduation - and preparation for life after high school. The future our...

Assessment and Reporting

November 23, 2017
​We are redesigning the curriculum and changing how we connect students with the skills they need to succeed. That makes assessing student progress, and the quality and effectiveness of the education system even more important. Provincial assessments in the graduation years (10-12) Students will write two provincial assessments during their Graduation...

Updates to the BC Curriculum, Graduation

March 23, 2017
​The BC Ministry of Education will be implementing an updated curriculum in BC schools starting the 2016-17 school year.  This will impact all Kindergarten through Grade 9 classrooms.  For the Grades 10 through 12 classrooms, drafts of the new curriculum will be available to teachers to try during the 2016-17 school...

New Curriculum - Ministry Update

March 23, 2017
​​The world is changing. Parents want their kids ready to succeed. So do teachers. So do we. That's why it's critical that we refine our education system, designed in the last century, so students can succeed in the 21st Century. Parents expect their kids to learn the basics - reading, writing...
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K-9 Curriculm Update - August 2016

February 28, 2017
The 2016/17 school year begins with the launch of the official redesigned K-9 curriculum. This update includes information about the redesigned K-9 curriculum, frequently asked questions, course codes, and more. For the complete document please visit the following link: Educator Update: K-9 Curriculum​
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