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Support Staff FAQ

Q. Where can I find information about vacancies at the Richmond School District?
A. Please visit our Human Resources Home Page for a complete list.
Q. Does the Richmond School District accept general resumes?
A. Yes, we are always looking to build our candidate pool.
Q. Are your application forms online?
A. Yes, but for Support Staff  jobs only.  Please visit our Application Forms page for a complete list.

Q. How long do you keep resumes on file?
A. We keep resumes for 6 months, after which you are welcome to reapply.

Q. How will I know the status of my application?
A. You should be contacted within two weeks of the competition closing date.  If you are selected for an initial assessment, we will contact you by phone to set up an appointment.  Due to the amount of interest we receive, only those selected will be notified.

Q. Do current employees take preference over external candidates?
A. Our internal staff are considered first for any union positions, as per our Collective Agreement.  We will consider outside applicants if there are no qualified individuals internally.

Q. How do I become a volunteer in a school?
A. Please inquire directly at the school in which you would like to volunteer.
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