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7811 Granville Avenue, Richmond, BC, V6Y 3E3 Parents Staff
Superintendent's Message

sherryelwood.pngThe Richmond School District encourages open communication between students, parents, community members, trustees, teachers and administrators to help facilitate ideas that enrich the learning environments of our schools. This collaborative process helps establish the educational settings that provide all students with the tools and support that are needed to succeed.

In Richmond, students are engaged in the purposeful process of building positive attitudes towards self and society while developing the necessary skills to assume the responsibilities of adulthood. Students are encouraged to understand and embrace their differences while learning characteristics of tolerance and respect. And most importantly, students are provided safe and inclusive environments where they are encouraged to express their thoughts, beliefs and dreams.

As the Superintendent of Schools, I am committed to supporting our students and working with those that contribute to the development of our education system.  I encourage those in our community to become involved in the opportunities that are available to participate in school and district committees.

I look forward to working with all of you and I hope to serve you well.


Sherry Elwood

Superintendent of Schools​

Richmond School District
7811 Granville Avenue, Richmond BC
V6Y 3E3
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