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Vision, Mission, Values

The Board of Education recognizes the power of the Vision, Mission and Values Statements in transforming learning, leading and teaching in the Richmond School District. The intention of the regulation is to invite members of the Richmond School District community to engage in regular discussions about these statements and to live them in our schools, workplaces and community. As a result of our shared commitment, implementation of the Vision, Mission, Values Statements shall be the joint responsibility of the Board, students and staff in collaboration with parents and our community.

Vision: The Richmond School District is the best place to learn and lead.

Mission: The Richmond School District's mission is to cultivate a safe, accepting and engaging community that inspires a passion for lifelong learning.

Values: The values that will guide our work together to achieve our vision and mission are: collaboration, creativity, curiosity, resilience, respect and equity, for all.

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Over the course of a few years, the District's Visioning Task Force designed a plan to activate student voices in the creation of Vision, Mission, and Values Statements to inspire and guide our work. Students were invited to share their stories, thoughts, images and artifacts from provocation questions.

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