Dear Parents and Guardians,

On March 17, the BC Ministry of Education directed all school districts to immediately suspend all K-12 in-class instruction. We understand that this will have caused some uncertainty for families and that this is a challenging time for all. The government restrictions - and medical implications of the virus itself - have caused a great deal of stress for families, businesses, community organizations, and our education system. Please be assured that the Board of Education is committed to supporting our students and their families as we navigate these challenges together.

Our priority is doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our students, their families and our staff members. As such, the Board of Education is asking all members of our community to follow the directives outlined by the Provincial Health Minister. These measures are designed to mitigate the impact and growth of COVID-19. We all must do our share and take responsibility in being part of the solution. Please be safe, kind and helpful to others. We all want our children and teaching staff to be back in the classroom as soon as possible when it is safe to do so.

The board would like parents to know that the school district is working with the Ministry of Education on developing a plan to provide learning opportunities for our students. The Ministry has stated an expectation that the planning process begin as soon as schools return from spring break. As these plans are finalized, the district will communicate directly with parents and continue to post updated information on the district website at

The district will also ensure that students in Grade 12, who were on-track to graduate in June, will be able to do so. Moreover, the Ministry of Education will be working with the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training and with post-secondary institutions on admissions for graduating students.

In closing, we would like to take the opportunity to thank those who are following the government’s directive by keeping themselves, their families and our community safe. We are also very appreciative of the work of our government officials, our superintendent and senior staff, and all our district employees, as we work through these difficult times.

On behalf of the Board of Education, we extend our sincere appreciation for your patience and understanding as we work together moving forward.



Ken Hamaguchi

Board Chair

Richmond Board of Education



3月17日, BC 省教育厅下令宣布所有学区K-12年级全面停课。 在日趋严峻的抗疫形势下,对于这项决定为千万家庭带来的不确定性,我们深表理解。政府制定的隔离措施,新冠病毒本身的威胁,为每个家庭、商业机构和社区组织带来巨大的困扰和压力,同时波及到整个教育系统。

请大家放心,教育委员会承诺: 我们将共同面对疫情挑战,全力支持我们的学生和家庭。

我们将尽一切可能优先考虑学生、家庭及教职员工的人身安全。因此,教育委员会要求社区每个人都能继续遵从省卫生厅长颁布的指令。 这些指令措施的制定都是为了抑制新冠病毒传播带来的影响。 在这场与病毒的抗争中,没有人是旁观者,我们每个人都必须担当责任! 请保持安全,与人为善,并帮助他人。 当情况转危为安,希望我们的孩子和教师员工能尽快地返回课堂。

与此同时,委员会希望家长了解我们正在与教育厅一起制定计划,为学生提供学习机会。 教育厅已表示,希望我们能够在春假结束后的第一时间着手安排这项计划。 一旦我们完成计划,学区将会直接与家长取得联系,并在我们的学区网站 上进行消息发布。

与此同时,学区确保将在6月面临升学的12年级学生能够顺利毕业。 此外,教育厅将会和高等教育、技术培训和专上院校等机构一起制定毕业学生的招生录取计划。

最后,我想借此机会感谢所有遵守政府规定、为个人,家庭以及社区安全努力做出表率的居民。 我们也对政府官员就抗疫所做的努力,我们的教育局长和管理人员、所有的学区教职员工,在这困难时期携手共渡难关而表达衷心的感谢。





Ken Hamaguchi