Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

As spring break comes to an end, I want to reach out to families to share what is on the horizon in the coming days and weeks.  I would also like to acknowledge that this is an extremely challenging time for all members of our school community – our students, their families, and our staff.  

We understand that many of you are experiencing uncertainty about your job and income, have concerns about childcare, and worry about keeping your children and family safe.  We also recognize that you likely have many questions about what school and learning are going to look like moving forward.   

Our staff are also juggling many of the same concerns.  Our challenge now is to figure out how to move forward effectively in the difficult place we find ourselves.  We have an incredibly dedicated team of teachers, support staff and school leaders who are ready to return to work after spring break with the full intent of supporting your children.  I ask for your patience as we continue to figure out the details and work through this together.  

As you know, the provincial government has suspended all in-class instruction until further notice.  This means that students will not be returning to school after spring break.  School district staff have been working over the past ten days to develop plans that will allow our students to continue to learn from home and for the school district to support students and families who need it most.  We have been working hard to develop plans to support children and families who may be more vulnerable than others and will be reaching out to those families.  Details will be provided on these specific supports in future communication.  

Our Priorities:

The Ministry of Education has set the following four priorities which are to guide the work, resources and decision-making of all school districts across the province.  These priorities have been guiding our planning efforts at the district level:

Priority One:    Maintain a healthy and safe environment for all students, families and employees

Priority Two:   Provide the services needed to support children of essential services workers

Priority Three:  Support vulnerable students who may need special assistance

Priority Four:   Provide continuity of learning of educational opportunities for all students

Health and Safety Protocols:

The school district must limit the number of people who will be present in schools at any given time in order to comply with the physical distancing orders of the Provincial Health Officer.  At this time, the only students who will be spending time in schools are children of essential services workers who require child care.  In order to limit exposure, we will be controlling access to all buildings and all exterior entrances will be locked.  Cleaning protocols designed to protect students and staff in schools will continue to be implemented.

Some students may need to pick up belongings at school.  Your principal will be providing information about this next week and will provide details on how you or your child can make an appointment to pick up these belongings.  Most of this will happen during the week of April 7th unless the item is of an urgent nature relating to health and safety.

What to Expect Over the Next Two Weeks:

Next week,  as our staff return to work after spring break, teachers will turn their minds to developing learning plans to support their students.  Teachers will spend the week gathering resources, collaborating where appropriate, and designing learning opportunities.  It is our hope that by the end of the first week of school, all teachers will reach out to their parents or students to re-establish this important connection.  This may be by phone or other electronic means.      

During the week of April 7th, most teachers will begin to offer learning opportunities to students.  These opportunities will vary from class to class - some may be online and some may be offered through other means.  Teachers will make these decisions based on available resources, access to technology and what they believe to be in the best interests of their students.  It is the expectation of the Ministry of Education that learning opportunities will be put in place for all students by mid-April at the latest.  

Access to Technology:

We understand that not all families may have equitable access to technology.  The school district is in the process of developing a plan that will enable students with limited or no access at home to be able to borrow school district equipment such as IPADs.  Teachers and administrators will be reaching out to determine which families may benefit from this.

On-site Support:

At this time, the government has made it clear that K-7 children of essential services workers such as health care workers will be given priority for childcare.  The school district is working closely with existing childcare providers in order to identify childcare spaces for children of parents who qualify as essential services workers.  In order to assist us with our planning, we ask that if you are a parent who qualifies as an essential services worker, you complete this survey as soon as possible.

Priority One:    Health care workers, emergency responders;

Priority Two:   Workers supporting vulnerable populations such as social and income assistance workers, utility workers and workers supporting key chain supply such as grocery and warehouse workers;

Priority Three: Teachers and childcare workers who do not have access to childcare and who are providing care or instruction to children of essential services workers

Helping Your Child 

We understand that this is a highly stressful time for both adults and children.  Please see the link to a resource for parents on our website for ideas on how to help your child cope with what is happening around them.

How to Stay Informed:

The Ministry of Education has developed a Frequently Asked Questions document that can be found online.  In addition, the school district will continue to update its website and will be providing regular updates to parents and staff.  We also encourage parents to reach out to their school principal if they have other questions.

In this time of great difficulty, I ask that we all continue to demonstrate support for each other through patience, kindness and tolerance.  I am confident that we will make it through these challenging days if we take the perspective that we are all in this together and we believe in the best of ourselves and each other.


Scott Robinson

Superintendent of Schools



随着春假接近尾声,我希望和大家取得联系,分享未来几天、几周内即将发生的情况。不得不说,这段时间,对于我们学区大家庭的所有成员—— 我们的学生,学生的家庭和教职员工而言,都是一个极富挑战性的时刻。


我们的员工自身也陷入同样的困惑和担心之中。 我们现在的挑战是,如何在我们自己也面临困难的境遇里有效地寻找对策,推进工作。 我们拥有一支非常敬业的团队,我们的教师,辅助工作人员和学校的领导,他们准备在春假后重返工作,全力支持您的孩子。在我们继续制定细节的过程中,我们需要您的耐心和支持!

如您所知,省政府已暂停所有的课堂教学,开学日期直至另行通知。这意味着春假后学生将不会返回学校。在过去的10天里,学区工作人员一直在努力制定计划,想方设法让我们的学生能够继续在家学习,并寻求方案帮助最需要这样做的学生和家庭。  我们也一直在努力制定计划,支持可能比其他人更脆弱的孩子和家庭,并计划与这些家庭取得联系。在以后的至家长信中, 我们将提供有关这些特定支持的详细信息。








学区必须限制在任何指定时间出现在学校的人员数量,以便遵守省卫生官员下达的'保持身体距离'指令。目前,唯一来校的学生,将是关键岗位工作者的子女,他们的父母因为工作而无法照看子女。为了限制人员接触,我们将对所有学校建筑物的入口进行控制,并关闭校外入口。 旨在保护学校学生和教职员工的清洁卫生措施也将被继续执行。









第一优先: 医护人员和紧急救护人员;

第二优先: 为弱势群体提供服务的工作人员(例如社工、收入救济援助工作人员); 公用事业工人和核心供应链工人(例如超市工作人员,仓库管理员);

第三优先: 教师和儿童保育员。他们需要为关键岗位人员的子女提供看护或上课,因而无法照料自己的小孩









Scott Robinson