Published: May 14, 2020

May 12, 2020 

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

As British Columbia begins to ease restrictions relating to COVID-19, public schools will play an important role in the provincial government’s Restart Plan. As you will likely have heard, the government is planning for a phased-in return to in-class instruction likely before the end of this school year. Although there are still many details to be worked out, I wanted to reach out to you to share what we know about the proposed plan and to talk about what we can expect in the coming weeks. 

Plan to Return to In-Class Instruction 

On May 6, the Ministry of Education released a plan for a staged return to in-class instruction. All school districts are currently in Stage 4. Based on direction from the Provincial Health Officer, schools will likely move to Stage 3 at the beginning of June: 

Stage 1 

A return to full in-class instruction. 

Stage 2 

In-class learning for all students in elementary school (K to 7) on a full-time basis. In-class learning for secondary students (Grades 8 to 12) on a part-time basis. Remote and online learning continues to be available for secondary students. 

Stage 3 (By June 1) 

In-class learning for students in kindergarten to Grade 5 on a part-time basis. Access to in-class learning as needed for Grades 6 to 12 on a part-time basis. Remote and online learning continues to be available for students. 

Stage 4 *(Current stage) 

In-class learning for children of essential service workers and vulnerable students. Remote and online learning continues for most students. 

Stage 5 

Suspend all in-class instruction for all grades and students. Remote and online learning for all students. 


We anticipate that further details regarding this plan will be released by the Ministry of Education either later this week or early next week. Those details will likely include operating standards and public health guidelines for K-12 schools. 

Health and Safety 

The health and safety of our students and staff members will continue to be our top priority. We want to reassure you that we will continue to be diligent in ensuring that all public health expectations are met or exceeded as more students and staff return to our schools. As has been the case throughout the pandemic, the District will continue to take direction from the Public Health Officer and Vancouver Coastal Health. All decisions made will reflect those directions. 

In-Class Instruction 

When will this next stage of return to in-class instruction happen? 

It is likely that the next stage of in-class instruction will commence at the beginning of June. 

If I don’t want to send my child to school between now and the end of June, do I have to? 

Parents will continue to have the option of keeping their children at home and engaging in remote learning. 

How much in-class instruction will be offered to each grade level? 

Our understanding is that in-class instruction will be offered on a part time basis, however the exact amount of time for each grade level has not yet been determined. We anticipate that students in Kindergarten through Grade Five will be offered approximately two days per week of in-class instruction. Percentages for older students are still being determined, however we anticipate a greater focus remaining on remote learning for these grade levels. 

How many children will be in each classroom? 

It is not yet known how many children will be in each classroom. This will be dependent on guidelines from public health officials that ensure a safe learning and working environment for all students and staff members. 

What will my child’s day look like while at school? 

The details of what happens in classrooms have yet to be determined. Once the district receives more information from the Ministry of Education, more detailed plans will be worked out at the school level and communicated to parents. 

I am an Essential Services Worker receiving onsite support for my child. Will the school district continue to provide full time support during the school day for my child?

Yes. All children of essential services workers will continue to be offered support five days per week during the school day through the end of June. As other students return to school, the district may adjust the current model of support. More details will be provided in the next week or so. 

What will happen in September? 

It has not yet been determined what school will look like in September. The amount of time students spend in school and the type of instruction received will be directed by public health officials based on factors such as the transmission rates of the COVID-19 virus. 

Preparing in Richmond 

A further provincial announcement on the phased-in approach to resuming in-class instruction is likely to be made within the next week by the Ministry of Education. As the district receives this information, more detailed plans will be developed in conjunction with district stakeholder groups and then shared with parents and students. 

In order to assist us with our planning, the district will be surveying parents of elementary-aged children early next week to determine approximately how many parents are considering sending their children to school. At the same time, the district will continue to work with our employee groups as we move forward in our preliminary planning. 

In the interim, remote and online learning opportunities will continue for all students. I encourage you to continue to work with your child’s teacher(s) and school principal if you have any questions or concerns. You will receive further details from your school principal over the coming weeks as plans become clearer and we are able to move towards welcoming more students back to school in early June. 

I would like to once again thank all parents and guardians for your patience and understanding as we navigate these turbulent waters together. As a province, I believe we all have much to be proud of as we have collectively managed to ‘flatten the curve’ while balancing concerns about health and the economy. Our goal as a school district is to do whatever we can to assist families in moving to this next stage of learning, while ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of health and safety for all our students, their families and our valued staff members. I am grateful for the effort, compassion and patience shown by our entire school district community and look forward to this next phase of our journey together. 



Scott Robinson

Superintendent of Schools 




随着卑诗省对新冠疫情限制令的逐步解封,公校将在省府制定的重启计划中扮演重要的角色。 可能您已听说,在本学年结束之前,省府计划实施分阶段的学校复课指导方针。尽管复课的具体 实施细节还未公布,在此我想和大家分享一下我们⺫前所了解到的计划,并谈谈在接下来的几周 内,我们将会面对怎样的形势。 

5 月 6 日,省教育厅发布了关于学校分阶段复课的指导方针。 所有的学区⺫前正处于第四阶段。 

根据省公共卫生官的指导方向,6 月 1 日起,学校系统将进入第三阶段。 




所有小学生(幼儿园-7 年级学生)全日返校复课。 中学生(8 年级-12 年级)部分时间返校复课 学习。同时,远程和在线学习继续进行。 

第三阶段(6 月 1 日起) 

幼儿园至 5 年级学生,部分时间返校复课。6 年级-12 年级学生,将根据需求进行部分时间返校 复课,远程和在线学习将继续进行。





我们预计在本周末之前或下星期初,省教育厅将出台具体的复课指导计划及细节。 这些细则将包 括针对幼儿园至 12 年级学生的公共卫生指南以及防疫操作标准。 

我们的学生、教职员工的健康与安全将继续是我们最优先考虑的因素。 请您放心,伴随着更多的 学生和教职员工返回学校,我们仍将不遗余力地确保达到或高于所有公共卫生预期标准。 根据全 球疫情,列治文学区将继续遵循公共卫生官和温哥华沿岸卫生局的指导方向。 我们所做的一切决 定,也将是对这些指导方向的反映。 



我们很可能会从 6 月 1 日起,进入下一阶段的返校复课计划。
如果我⺫前至 6 月底之前并不希望把我的孩子送回学校读书,我是不是可以这样做? 


针对每个年级,学校会提供多少课堂教学? 我们的理解是,学校会提供部分时间的课堂教学,而针对每个年级的具体返校上课时间⺫前尚未 确定。 我们预计,幼儿园至 5 年级的学生在每星期内大约会有 2 天进入学校课堂学习。 对于更 高年级学生的复课,虽然⺫前尚未决定,但我们预计会对这些年级的学生更偏重使用远程教学。 


现在还尚未可知每个教室允许多少学生。这将取决于公共卫生官员的指导方针,确保学生和老师 们在安全的环境中进行学习及工作。 

教室里如何安排的具体细节尚未确定。 一旦学区收到来自省教育厅的更多信息,我们将会在各学 校级别制定详细计划并告知家⻓。 

我是一名关键岗位工作者,⺫前我正接受着学校对我孩子的托管服务。 学区会继续在上学日为我 的孩子提供全天托管服务吗?
是的。所有关键岗位工作者可以继续接受每周 5 天(上学日)的孩子托管服务, 直至 6 月底。 随着其他学生返回学校,学区可能会调整当前的支持服务模式。请耐心等待,我们将在接下来一 周左右的时间内提供更多细节。 

9 月会是怎样的局面?
学校在 9 月份会是怎样的情况,⺫前尚未可知。 有多少时间学生将在学校度过,将遵循何种指导 方针,都将取决于公共卫生官员的指导,这些指导将根据新冠病毒的传播率等情况。 


预计在下周内,省教育厅将进一步发布省级分阶段恢复课堂教学的步骤方式。 当列治文学区收到 这些讯息,将进一步与学区利益相关者团体一起制定更详尽的计划,然后与家⻓和学生共享。 

为了帮助我们进行规划,学区将在下周初对小学儿童的家⻓进行调查,以确定大约有多少家⻓正 在考虑将其子女送入学校。与此同时,随着我们初步规划的进展,学区将继续与员工团队开展各 方面的工作。 

在此期间,我们将继续为所有学生提供远程和在线学习机会。如果您有任何疑问或疑虑,建议您 继续与孩子的老师和校⻓进行探讨。随着计划逐步明朗和清晰化,您将在接下来的几周内从学校 校⻓那里获得更多具体信息,这样接下来我们就能欢迎更多的学生在 6 月初返回学校。 

我要再次感谢所有父母和监护人,在我们共克时艰,在激流中奋进的历程中所给予的耐心和理 解。我相信,作为卑诗省的省民, 我们每个人都应该为自己感到骄傲,因为我们在平衡对健康和 经济的担忧的同时,共同努力达成了“拉平曲线”的⺫标。作为学区,我们的⺫标是竭尽所能协 助每个家庭进入下一阶段的学习,同时确保我们为所有学生、家庭和我们宝贵的员工维持最高的 健康与安全标准。再次感谢整个学区社区所付出的努力,所展现的同理心和耐心,并期待着我们 携手踏入下一个阶段的旅程! 



Scott Robinson