Published: May 19, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

On May 15th, the provincial government announced details of the plan to further re-open schools in British Columbia.  For your reference, here is a link to the news release:  As I indicated in my May 12 letter, the re-opening of schools is part of a gradual return to in-class instruction in BC.  I can now confirm that students will be invited to return to school for in-class learning opportunities starting Monday, June 1st.  Please note that parents will continue to have the option of keeping their children at home to engage in remote learning.  

Health and Safety:

The health and safety of our students, staff and families will continue to be our top priority.  The government has released two documents that you may wish to review as you are making a decision about sending your child to school in June.  Please see the COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for K-12 School Settings from the BC Centre for Disease Control and the Provincial COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines for K-12 Settings from the Ministry of Education.  These documents outline in detail the health and safety requirements that all schools will be required to follow as more students and staff return to schools.

As school districts just received these documents on May 15th, we are still in the early stages of planning for what things will look like in schools in June.  What we do know is we will adhere very carefully to the health and safety guidelines set out in these documents in order to ensure that students and staff remain safe.  Further details regarding specific health and safety protocols such as enhanced cleaning, physical distancing measures, reduced class sizes and staggered start and end times will be provided to parents by their school principal during the week of May 25th.    

Student Schedules:

Students whose parents choose to send them to school in June will attend on a variety of schedules depending on their grade level and individual circumstances:

Elementary Student Schedules:

We know that face-to-face instructional schedules will look different depending on the grade level and individual circumstances of each student:

  • Schools will attempt to schedule children from the same family on the same days, however this will depend on the number of students from each grade level who will be attending as well as availability of physical space and teacher staffing.  
  • Schools will attempt to schedule students with their classroom teacher, however this will depend on the number of students from each class whose parents wish them to attend and the availability of teaching staff.  In some cases, teachers other than the classroom teacher may assume responsibility for a group of students.  
  • Exact groupings and schedules will be developed early in the week of May 25th once each school knows the exact number of students whose parents wish them to attend.  Schools will provide information to parents about each child's schedule during the week of May 25th.       

Kindergarten-Grade Five:

Students will be invited to attend school two days per week.  Students will be divided into smaller groups to ensure that the 'density' of students in class is never more than 50% of what it was prior to the pandemic.  Remote learning opportunities will continue for the balance of the students' weekly schedules.

Grade Six and Seven:

Students will be invited to attend school the equivalent of one day per week.  Students will be divided into smaller groups to ensure that the 'density' of students in class is never more than 50% of what it was prior to the pandemic.  Remote learning opportunities will continue for the balance of the students' weekly schedules.

Children of Essential Services Workers (Kindergarten-Grade Seven):

Students will continue to be invited to attend five days per week.  Beginning June 1st, students will attend at their home school rather than at the three existing onsite care facilities.  

Students Who Require Additional Support (K-12):

Students will be invited to attend five days per week after consultation between the school and parent.  Schools will work closely with individual parents to determine appropriate levels of support.  Exact schedules and other details will be communicated to parents during the week of May 25th.  

Secondary (Grade 8-12) Student Schedules:

Students will be invited to attend school the equivalent of approximately one day per week.  Students will be divided so that the number of students and staff in the school at any given time is compliant with the provincial health and safety guidelines.  Schools are currently working on an instructional model and schedules and will communicate details to parents during the week of May 25th.  Remote learning opportunities will continue for all students regardless of whether they attend school for face-to-face learning.

Parent Survey

In order to plan for a safe and healthy school environment for all students and staff, it is critical that each school is able to determine the exact number of students who will be attending school starting June 1st.  ALL parents are asked to please assist us by completing this survey by 4:00 pm on Thursday, May 21st indicating whether or not you plan to have your child(ren) attend: 

Elementary Survey:

Secondary Survey:

Parents who do not complete the survey by the deadline will not be able to have their child(ren) attend school until they have contacted the school principal so appropriate arrangements can be made in advance of a return.  Parents who choose not to have their child attend school during the week of June 1-5 will have the option of having their child attend starting the week of June 8 should they want to do so.  Parents are asked to contact their school principal directly should they change their mind about their child's attendance at school prior to the end of the school year.

We understand that you may have other questions about what things will look like if your child returns to school.  After your school staff works through all the details, additional information will be provided to you during the week of May 25th.  We appreciate your patience as we work through the process to ensure a safe learning and work environment can be provided as students and staff return to schools around the district.  In the meantime, please be assured that teachers and educational support staff will continue to provide remote learning opportunities for your child.  As always, I would like to thank all parents for the efforts you are making to work alongside your child's school as we continue to work through these very unusual circumstances.  We are grateful for your support and patience as we once again re-arrange how learning is offered to our 20,000 students. 


Scott Robinson

Superintendent of Schools

Vancouver Coastal Health COVID-19 Public Health Survey:

BC COVID-19 SPEAK: Your story, our future is a public health survey to understand citizen experiences, knowledge and actions during the COVID-19 pandemic. This survey is open to all British Columbians 18 years or over and is the first of several activities that will strengthen our pandemic response and our understanding of the impacts of COVID-19 to date (social, economic, mental wellness and community wellness). 


Visit this page to take the survey:







保证学生、教职员工和家庭的健康与安全始终是我们的首要任务。政府已发布两份文件,您可能希望对其进行查阅和参考,以决定在6月是否将孩子送回学校上学。 请参阅卑诗省疾病控制中心制定的新冠病毒公共卫生指南(K-12年级学校环境),以及教育厅提供的省级新冠病毒健康和安全准则(K-12年级学校环境)。 这些文件详细列出了伴随着更多的学生和教职员工返回学校时,所有学校都必须遵守的卫生安全规范要求。






  • 学校会尽力安排来自同一个家庭的孩子在同一天上学,但是这将取决于各年级来上学的学生人数,保持身体距离的条件和教师员工的情况。
  • 学校将尽力安排学生上班主任老师的课,但是这将取决于每个班级有多少家长送孩子回学校,以及教职人员的可用性。 在某些情况下,除班主任之外的其他老师可能会负责学生小组的教学任务。
  • 一旦每所学校了解家长希望回学校上学的确切学生人数,我们就会在5月25日那一周之初开始制定具体的学生分组和上课时间表。 在5月25日这一周内,学校将向家长提供有关每个孩子的上学日程安排。 

小学学前班- 5年级:

学生每周可有2天来学校上学。 学生会被分成更小的组,以确保每个班级的学生"密度"不超过疫情爆发前的50%。 我们将继续提供远程教学机会,以平衡学生每周的学习日程安排。 


学生每周可有相当于1天的时间来学校上课。 学生会被分成更小的组,以确保每个班级的学生"密度"不超过疫情爆发前的50%。我们将继续提供远程教学机会,以平衡学生每周的学习日程安排。


关键岗位工作者的子女(小学学前班 -7年级)

学生每周继续可有5天来学校上课。 61日开始, 学生会去自己原来的学校上课,而不是在现有的3个托管服务机构里上学。



在学校和家长进行协商后,学生可每周有5天来校上课。 学校将和个别家长密切合作,以决定合适的方式支持学生学习。具体的日程安排和其他详细信息,我们将在5月25日这一周内告知家长。 


每周学生可有相当于1天的时间来学校上课。学校将对学生进行分组,以使学校在任何时间在校的师生人数均符合省级防疫卫生安全标准。 学校目前正在制定教学模型和日程安排,并将在5月25日这一周内向家长发布详细信息。 无论学生是否来上学参与面对面学习,所有的学生都将继续获得远程学习的机会。 










Scott Robinson




BC COVID-19 SPEAK: Your story, our future BC省新冠病毒讲一讲:你的故事,你的未来) 是一个在新冠疫情期间帮助了解民众经历、认知,和行为的问卷调查。所有18岁以上的BC省民都可以填写这份问卷调查。 这一问卷是几个项目中的其中之一,并会有助加强我们对于新冠疫情的应对和理解疫情目前对我们的影响(社会、经济、精神健康,和社区健康)。