Published: Jun 25, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As the 2019-2020 school year comes to a close, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your support and patience during a very unusual year. When the school year began, none of us could have anticipated the extraordinary circumstances that we would all encounter. I know that the pandemic has resulted in some very difficult times for families. In addition to the health, economic and childcare concerns that you may have been managing, we have also asked you to assist your children with their studies along the way. On behalf of the Richmond School District, I want to thank you for working alongside us to support your child’s learning. We know it hasn’t been easy, but we are very grateful for our partnership with you.

We also know that this has been a difficult year for our students. They have not been able to see their teachers and friends on a regular basis, and have missed out on some of the wonderful opportunities that schools provide in normal times. Most importantly, they have had to learn to adjust to new and different ways of learning in a very short period of time. Despite all this, we have heard many stories of how resilient students have been throughout the pandemic. I know that this is due, in large part, to the support that they have received from their parents, family members and school personnel. It is our sincere hope that things will return to ‘normal’ as soon as possible and we can continue our work together to ensure each student’s success moving forward.

As we complete this school year, it is natural that our thoughts turn to what September will look like. As you may be aware, the Ministry of Education developed a five-stage re-start plan earlier this spring that outlines the stages that schools in BC will potentially move between during the pandemic. We are currently in stage three. At this time, it is not yet clear which stage schools will be in when school re-opens in September. If the current public health conditions do not deteriorate, it is likely that we will be in something similar to stage one or stage two. However, until a Ministry of Education decision is made, that is subject to change.

We understand that parents would like to know these details as soon as possible. We anticipate the Ministry will provide direction to school districts in mid-August about what we can expect in September. As soon as we have that information we will communicate directly with parents in the district. In the meantime, the Richmond School District is developing plans for a number of scenarios.

Regardless of what the schedule looks like, we will continue to focus on the health and safety of our students and staff members. We have had the opportunity to ‘test-drive’ our health and safety protocols this month as students and staff members have returned to in-person instruction. These protocols may be adjusted depending on the health guidance and direction from the Provincial Health Officer, but our focus will remain on keeping everyone safe as we welcome our school communities back to school.

Again, on behalf of the Richmond School District, I thank you for your support and wish you a relaxing and joy-filled summer.


Scott Robinson
Superintendent of Schools





随着 2019-2020 学年进入尾声,我想借此机会感谢您在这非同寻常的一年里,对我们工作所给予的支持和 耐心。 当本学年开始之初,谁也无法预料到我们会遭遇如此特殊的情况。 我知道,全球疫情大爆发给我们 的家庭带来了一些困难的时期。你们每个人可能除了要面临健康、经济和育儿的担忧困惑之外,在此期间我 们还要求您协助孩子们的学习。 在此,我谨代表列治文学区,感谢您始终与我们在一起支持您孩子的学 习。我们知道这对于家⻓来说绝非易事,由衷感谢您的合作!

我们也知道,对于学生来说,这同样是艰难的一年。 他们无法定期与老师和朋友⻅面,并且错过了一些学 校在正常时期可以提供的绝佳机会。最重要的是,他们必须在非常短的时间内学会适应新的学习方式。尽管 如此,我们还是听到了许多关于学生如何在疫情期间,迅速适应变化而保持韧性的故事。我知道,这在很大 程度上要归功于他们从父母、家庭成员和学校教职员工那里获得的支持。我们真诚地希望,一切尽快恢复到 常态,让我们可以继续努力,确保每个学生能够向成功迈进。

在学年结束之际,大家自然而然会想到 9 月学校会是怎样的局面。如您所知,省教育厅在今年春季初制定 了五阶段重启计划,该计划概述了卑诗省各校在疫情期间可能会采取的阶段部署。我们现在正处于第三阶 段。⺫前,我们尚不清楚 9 月开学时学校将进入哪个阶段。如果当前的公共卫生状况没有进一步恶化,那么 我们很可能会进入类似于第一或第二阶段的状态。但是,在教育厅做出决定之前,一切变化都可能发生。

我们了解到,父母希望尽快了解这些详细信息。我们预计教育厅将在 8 月中旬向各学区提供指导意⻅,告知 我们到了 9 月可以期待学校如何进行安排。一旦收到这些信息,我们将直接与本学区的父母进行沟通。同 时,列治文学区也正在积极筹备多种情况下的不同计划。

无论我们会有怎样的时间表,我们都会继续关注学生和教职员工的健康安全。本月,当学生和教职员工回归 到课堂教学时,我们已经有机会“试运行”实践健康和安全措施。这些健康和安全措施可能会根据省卫生官 的指引被进一步调整,但当我们在迎接学校大家庭返校的时候,会继续致力于确保每个人的安全。



Scott Robinson