Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we come to the end of an unprecedented school year and enter summer break, we wanted to acknowledge and thank you for your extraordinary efforts over the past several months.

We commend and appreciate the dedication families, teachers, support staff, education leaders and school districts have shown since March 17, when government made the difficult decision to suspend in-class learning. Teachers quickly embraced new and innovative ways to engage students, adapting their entire curriculum for Zoom and other digital platforms while offering additional resources to students who need them.

We want to acknowledge the incredible job families have done working with educators to support your children through so much uncertainty. Some of you also had to learn alongside your kids — becoming familiar with new remote learning tools and supporting their education in ways you may never have before. Balancing your child’s learning with other responsibilities has required you to make sacrifices. We know it hasn’t always been easy.

We have also heard from many of you regarding the start of the 2020/2021 school year in September. We know you are concerned with the health and safety of your children and with ensuring your children continue to learn and thrive in a dynamic education environment, and that you have questions on both of these fronts.

When we expanded in-class learning on June 1, almost 200,000 students returned to the classroom. During this critical four-week period, we’ve heard tremendously positive stories from parents, students and educators. Students have jumped back into their schoolwork, enjoying the chance to see their friends and teachers again in person. Throughout this process, educators have been responsible for ensuring that health and safety standards are strictly followed. These include greater space between desks, minimal physical contact, hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, cleaning of high-contact surfaces twice a day and clear protocols for drop-offs and lunch and recess breaks, to name only a few.

All British Columbians have done their part to help flatten the curve. We have learned much over this past month that will help us be better prepared for September.

We know you are wondering what the return to school will look like in September. Our goal is to have even more students in class in September, as long as it is safe to do so based on the advice of Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry. But it is absolutely critical you know that we are prepared for several return to school scenarios based on how the situation evolves over the summer and the science-based advice of Dr. Henry. More information is available in our year end news release published today, June 25th.

The Ministry of Education has developed a five-stage approach to operate schools depending on the risk of transmission of COVID-19. We would encourage you to familiarize yourself with this five-stage approach if you have not already done so, as it provides a useful framework for understanding what the September restart will look like under different circumstances of COVID-19 transmission in our province. Schools have plans in place for each stage, while also ensuring that they will remain flexible if changes are needed in the event of a second wave. We are also paying close attention to similar sized global jurisdictions like New Zealand and Denmark and using their lessons and experiences to inform our decisions.

We are working very closely with all our education partners to ensure that our back-to-school plan for September supports students, teachers and staff throughout B.C. This work with our partners will continue, without pause, into the summer. We know there is no substitute for in- class instruction and as we continue to take steps toward recovery, it’s important that we get kids back into the classroom to the greatest extent that it is safe to do so.

While recognizing that the situation in our Province is constantly evolving, we understand that in these highly uncertain times, parents, children and families are looking for certainty. You can expect further communication from the Ministry in the coming weeks and months on what to expect for September. We know that you and your family want to be prepared for fall learning, and our commitment to communicate openly with you about the collective challenges we are facing remains constant.

B.C. is on the right track, and we have tremendous experience from our time in schools this June. But there is still much more that we must do. We are so grateful and heartened by the resilience and strength you and your families have demonstrated throughout this crisis already. Remember, this is not forever; this is just for now. And we will overcome this by working together.

We send our warmest wishes for a safe and happy summer and look forward to seeing you in the fall.


Rob Fleming,
Minister of Education

Andrea Sinclair, President,
BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils


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我们即将结束一个史无前例的学年并踏入暑假,我们希望藉此机会感谢您们在过去数月额 外付上的辛劳。

3 月 17 日,省府经过多翻考虑后决定暂停课室教学,我们感谢家庭、老师、辅助职员、 教学界领袖和校区自停学以来的耕耘努力。老师迅即改用新颖具创意的方法与学生沟通, 调节课程内容以便使用 Zoom 和其他电子平台,同时又为学生提供他们所需的其他资源。

我们尤其感谢本省的家庭积极与校方互相配合,在前景不明的时刻支援子女。有些家长更 与子女一同摸索、掌握遥距学习的新形式,以从未试过的各种方法来满足子女的教学需要。 要在子女教育和工作责任两者中取得平衡,家长必然会作出牺牲,我们知道这并不容易。

我们亦听到很多家长就九月开始 2020/2021 学年表达意见。我们明白您们担心子女的健康 和安全,但亦希望他们能在一个朝气勃勃的教学环境中继续学习,或在这两方面存有各种 疑问。

我们于 6 月 1 日增加课堂教学,约有 20 万名学生重回课室。在这关键的四个星期,家长、 学生和教育界人士向我们分享很多教人鼓舞的故事。学生重拾功课、与老师朋友欢聚。在 这过渡期内,老师负责确保学生严格遵照卫生安全标准,包括书桌之间保持更多距离、大 家保持最起码的身体距离、清洁双手的习惯、阻隔飞沬的措施、经常接触的表面要每天清 洁两次、接送子女、午膳和小息各种安排等等。

所有卑诗省民都尽上本份,齐心把曲线拉平。我们在过去一个月累积了宝贵经验,有助我 们预备在九月份开课。

我们知道家长都想预知九月开学的情况。我们的目标,是在省卫生官 Bonnie Henry 医生 认为安全的情况下,尽量欢迎更多学生重返课室。有一点是绝对重要的,便是家长必需知 道我们会视乎夏季的进展以及 Henry 医生根据科学证据而作出的建议,预备几个重返学校 方案。要了解更多详情,可参阅今天(6 月 25 日)刊登的年终新闻稿

教育厅已订立五个复课阶段,以根据新冠病毒的传播风险而开放学校。如果您不熟识何谓 五个复课阶段,请您参阅有关资讯。这套计划可以助您了解本省如何在各种疫情进展的可 能下调节九月复课的措施。学校已就每个阶段订立计划,但同时会保持弹性,如果出现第 二波便会顺应调整。我们同时紧密留意人口面积与我们相若的国家(如纽西兰和丹麦), 以他们为借镜作决策。

我们与所有教育界伙伴紧密合作,确保九月份的重返学校计划切合卑诗省师生和职员的情 况。即使在夏季,我们与伙伴仍保持合作无间。我们知道课堂学习是无可取代的,随着我 们迈向复苏,在安全的情况下尽量鼓励学生重返校园是很重要的。

卑诗省的情况不断演变,我们也明白在变幻莫测之时,家长、子女和家庭都寻找确切的答 案。在未来数周和数月,教育厅将进一步解释九月份的动向。我们了解您和家人希望为九 月复课作好准备,我们会尽量与家长坦诚沟通,让您们了解我们在维护卑诗省的同时面对 甚么挑战。

卑诗省已在正轨上迈进,我们在六月的课堂时间汲取了大量经验,但有待我们解决的事情 仍然很多。在这疫情危机,我们看到大家坚忍不屈、奋力抗争,我们感到鼓舞欣慰。请紧 记,这不是永远的,只是此时此刻的需要。只要大家上下一心,必定会战胜疫情。



Andrea Sinclair