Support Staff Day
Published: Nov 4, 2020

On November 5, 2020, the Richmond School District recognizes and celebrates the many contributions of our support staff. This dedicated and skilled group provides expertise in multiple areas across the district. They ensure that our buildings are clean and operating efficiently, they support students both in and out of the classroom, they provide administrative support in our offices, they make sure students get to school on time, they maintain our information technology infrastructure, and they make many other critical contributions to our school district. 

Most often the efforts of our support staff occur behind the scenes, but their support is vital to the day to day operations of our district. Since the onset of the pandemic, these individuals have gone above and beyond what could be expected in order to ensure the needs of students and staff have been met. This year, it is especially important that we take the time to recognize and thank our support staff for their commitment to providing a healthy, safe, supportive and inclusive environment for all those in our school district. 

On behalf of the executive staff, I would like to thank all members of our support staff who contribute to making the Richmond School District the best place to learn and lead.


Scott Robinson
Superintendent of Schools


支持工作人员表彰日 - 115

2020年的115日,列治文学区表彰并祝贺所有支持工作人员为学区作出的杰出贡献。 列治文学区拥有一支敬业而富于经验的团队,他们在遍布学区的许多领域提供专业的服务。他们确保我们的建筑物保持洁净卫生,高效运行;他们为学生在教室内外提供支持,为学区的办公室提供行政支持;他们确保学生能够准时到校上学,他们维护我们的信息技术基础架构;他们亦在学区的许多其他方面作出重要贡献。




Scott Robinson