Reading Marathon
Published: Jan 29, 2021

Around the district is a monthly update that includes a collection of stories from Richmond schools. These stories highlight Richmond's vibrant learning community which fosters student engagement, creativity, and well-being in inclusive learning environments.

Byng Elementary – New Year’s Resolution

Grade 2 and 3 students at Byng Elementary recently celebrated the beginning of the new year by making some resolutions together. Students were invited to read the book Squirrel’s New Year Resolution and then focus on the question: “What can you resolve to do this year to make you a better person.”  The students then brainstormed ideas and came up with their goals for the new year. Through this experience students were learning to think critically about what is meaningful to them, and how they can make and set goals.


Homma Elementary - Student Artwork Chosen for Premiere Horgan’s Holiday Cards

In November of last year, BC Premier, John Horgan, invited elementary students in our district to submit a design for a festive greeting card that he would send out over the holiday season. On January 5, Homma Elementary received an envelope with exciting news: A combined artwork created by two grade 4 students was chosen as one of Premiere Horgan’s holiday cards! The student’s design came together quickly and they said that working together showed them how to collaborate and be successful as a team.


Richmond School District Virtual Art Gallery

Since September 2020, The Kitchen Table Sketchbook Art Project has provided weekly arts webinars for transitional learning students. Through this project, students have been making connections to nature, local and international artists, art history, art institutions, galleries and museums around the world. An online art gallery was recently developed to showcase and celebrate the students’ artistic accomplishments. Since the gallery’s inception students have been contributing art work each day.


Gilmore Elementary – Connecting to the Outdoors  

Teachers at Gilmore recently spent time taking their kindergarten students on outdoor nature walks so that they could take a closer look at their environment. The teachers encouraged the students to explore the animal tracks in the mud and learn about the land through the stories of these tracks. Through this, the students were able to connect to nature and grow their understanding of the environment.


Whiteside Elementary - Architectural Masterpiece

Several kindergarten and Grade 1 students at Whiteside Elementary worked together to build an architectural masterpiece during their first week back at school. Students were eager to utilize their classroom’s selection of building materials, practice cooperative play and review their 3D math skills. Some students used the structure for their Story Workshop, moving their characters around to tell stories about castles and enchanted forests with trolls and dragons.


Walter Lee Elementary – Leadership Comes in Cans

A diverse group of student leaders at Walter Lee Elementary have a passion for making a difference in whatever way they can. Recently, the students created the ‘Leadership Comes in Cans’ poster for their school’s promotional wall. This initiative showcases the school’s can-do spirit, and students are learning that they can make a difference to the school community, no matter what the circumstances are. 


Gilmore Elementary – A Map of My Heart

Kindergarten students at Gilmore recently created a map of their heart. Through this exercise they were able to spend some time reflecting on themselves, and identifying what they feel and value. The students then communicated their thinking through a drawing, which provided an opportunity for further reflection.


Black Shirt Day

Many schools in our district participated in Black Shirt Day on January 15 in recognition of the civil rights movement fought by black and racialized Canadians. Throughout the district, students and staff are deeply committed to the values of equality, and the strength of diversity in our communities.

Pictured here are students and staff at Palmer Secondary.


MacNeill Secondary – The Paper Chain

Teachers at MacNeill secondary recently developed a paper chain to bring students together and help them feel more connected and engaged with their school community. Teachers intentionally encouraged the students to express two sentiments; an expression of what they were disappointed about, and an expression of what they were grateful for. The messages were then strung together and hung across the school lounge. Through this activity, students had conversations with each other and actively engaged in social-emotional learning.


Spul’u’kwuks Elementary – Covid Museum

Students at Spul’u’kwuks have become curators and archivists of their own museum. The Covid-19 Museum includes stories, photos and physical artifacts about what life has been like during the pandemic.  Students are documenting what has happened, articulating how they are feeling, and explaining what future civilizations could learn from us from this time in our history.


Kidd Elementary – Reading Marathon

The Reading Marathon is an educational competition for students at Kidd Elementary. This year, students are​ being encouraged to read 200+ books on inclusion and diversity over the next two months. All classes, from​ kindergarten to grade 7, are busy consuming powerful literature on inclusion and diversity, and the school bulletin boards are exploding with candid and thoughtful reviews.