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Late French Immersion
The LFI program offers students a fun, effective, and intensive way to learn French, beginning in grade six. 

Students are immersed in the French language within the classroom. French is used for meaningful communication and for instruction in the subject (content) areas including math, science, social studies, fine arts, physical education, and French language arts. Students do not receive English Language Arts in grade six. Please also note that students will not receive any ELL support in grade six. 

Students in the program achieve a level of learning in all subject areas equivalent to that achieved by students in the English program. This is done at a faster pace because the first few months of grade six are focused mainly on language acquisition. 

 Once in grade seven, English Language Arts is re-introduced into the program, however, the majority of the teaching still happens in French. The LFI program is currently offered in two Richmond Elementary schools: James Whiteside and John Diefenbaker. Transportation must be arranged by parents. 

Who makes a good candidate for LFI?

A student who:
Is motivated to learn Is open to learning in another language
Is eager to have new experiences and meet new friends
Is prepared to work hard, especially in the initial fall term when learning basic language skills
Enjoys language activities and is willing to spend lots of time chatting to friends in class en français!

Why enroll in the LFI program?

Learning another language helps students to learn more about their first language and build self-confidence. When learning French students not only learn the language, but also about the culture. This can be helpful when travelling, meeting people, and for future employment. The LFI program provides a good challenge for motivated students and offers the opportunity to develop new friendships.

How fluent will a student become?

Students will be comfortable speaking with and understanding French-speaking people, not only in Canada, but also around the globe. They will be “functionally fluent” in French by the end of grade 12.

How can I help my child when I don’t know any French?

The vast majority of students who have enrolled in LFI have parents who do not understand French. As parents, you can:
Encourage your child, especially during the initial fall term adjustment period when students acquire basic language skills
Help with homework, letting your child do the translations
Talk to your child about their reading and learning, continuing to read and write in your home language and provide opportunities for your child to use their French
Recognize your child’s wonderful accomplishments!

What happens in grade eight?

In grade eight, LFI students can choose to continue the program through to grade 12 with their Early French Immersion peers. 50% of the courses in grade eight will be in French. By grade 12, one course is mandatory in French. Graduates will receive a Bilingual Dogwood Certificate, enabling them to pursue a post-secondary education in French, should they so desire. The French Immersion program is presently housed at McRoberts and McMath Secondary schools.

What do LFI students have to say about the LFI program?

The BEST thing that I have ever done! I can’t believe how much French I know in just one month! I couldn’t ask for a better way to learn a new language. –David S.

I wanted to try a new thing and decided it would be cool to learn French. –Tommy

The hardest part was leaving my friends, but everyone is in the same boat and you make friends quickly. –Gabby

I think it is an INCREDIBLE opportunity and I am learning so many things. I think it is great if you want a challenge. –Claire

In the long run, it will be handy for communicating. A new language will open up doors. I also wanted a challenge in learning and I thought a new language was perfect. –Amanda

It is definitely something really big to take on, but in the end it turns out to be very fun. – Caia

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